This is just another resource for the Hunter Education Instructors. We will provide and allow you to submit tips to help us as intructors make our classes better and make our students safer.

Tip of the Month:

Try to mix-up your teaching techniques in you HE classes; Even if you only have a small team and limited help. Not everyone learns the same way. Some students are kinesthetic, they learn by touching/feeling; so it is good to have some items to pass around, such as the components of a possibles bag for muzzleloading or a first-aid kit. Some students are auditory, or learn easier by lecturing from an outline or the manual. Others learn by visual methods; so power point programs, demonstrations, the use of chalkboards or whiteboards are most helpful to them. Finally, some students learn best by the combination of all three methods. When we mix it up, we make the class more interesting. It is also a good idea to make your class as interactive as possible. This tip can help your students retain more of what you are teaching and helps them to achieve higher test scores.                                          From: Bob Leasure, District VI