West Virginia Hunter Education Association

Mission Statement

 To provide leadership and establish standards in the development of hunters to be safe, responsible, knowledgeable and involved. That is the mission of the West Virginia Hunter Education Association, an organization involving dedicated, certified volunteer instructors across the state of West Virginia. Since its inception, WVHEA has endeavored to:

·        Serve as a primary resource of qualified volunteer instructors and program support for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Law Enforcement;

·        Promote hunter education by providing opportunities for the exchange of ideas knowledge, and experiences;

·        Promote hunter education by fostering cooperative efforts between government agencies, organized groups and industry;

·        Uphold the image of hunting as a legitimate tool of wildlife management and as a recreational activity throughout North America;

·        Promote programs which prevent hunting accidents;

·        Cultivate honesty, self-discipline, self-reliance, responsible behavior, and good citizenship among instructors, hunters and the general public;

·        Strive for constant improvement in hunter education programs;

·        Fully involve volunteers and other associate members in all affairs of the West Virginia Hunter Education Association.

Our Commitment

 West Virginia Hunter Education Association's commitment is to support the International Hunter  Education Association's objectives to develop, promote, and support programs that teach the hunter to be:

·        Responsible in their behavior to wildlife, to habitat, to landowners, to other hunters, to the public and to themselves.

·        Knowledgeable about the equipment they use, the wildlife they hunt, game laws, the environment, and rules that ensure safe and responsible conduct.

·        Involved in conservation efforts, local hunter education, and their communities.

·        Sensitive to the environment, to non-hunters, and to the image of hunting held by the general public

·        Committed to establish and support programs, making the outdoors accessible to everyone, regardless of ability or interest.