Class of 2016 INDUCTEES

         Bill and Beulah Talkington 

Class of 2017 Inductees

Don Welch

Floyd Burl Utt

Randy Benear

Robert Leasure

 Bill and Beulah Talkington  from New Martinsville,  were nominated as a TEAM and as individuals for their dedication and commitment to the West Viriginia Hunter Education  program. They have taught Hunter Safety since 1968 and for over 41 years in New Martinsville, Wetzel County, WV. Offering both spring and fall classes , making 3789 students safer in the woods and on the range. Both team leaders, have conducted 95 classes, Beulah, with 9274 hours of instruction and Bill witih 8571 hours. Being Life members of the NRA, they conducted air rifle classes for over 12 consecutive years and developed Air Rifle Teams that had national winners on the WV air rifle teams at West Viriginia University. One Student was selected to the Ohio State University rifle team. Bill also, as an extention of their gun shop ran a trap range, teaching shooters how to be their best. Beulah Taught BB gun safety classes for several years for the area Cub Scout Camps. Bill has been a former WVHEA State Volunteer of the Year. He has set the standards for young hunters and shooters for his accolades in competition shooting for the NRA and in all aspects of shooting; Muzzleloader, Rifle, Rimfire and Shotguns. They both have recruited many new instructors through their own team and encouraging others by their commitment to the Hunter Safety Program. Bill has been a  firearms dealer for the Lewis Wetzel Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation for over 20 years and the firearms dealer for the Moose Lodge events. Bill was also inducted into the WV Wild Turkey Hall of Fame for his work with youth. Bill and Beulah were teaching Hunter Safety before the WV DNR set-up the official classes. These are only a few of the reasons they were nominated for the WVHEA HOF.

Bill Talkington:

WV Hunter Education Instructor of the year 1972 and 1998

Hall of Fame Amatur Trapshooting Association

USMC Sergent 1952-1955 

1996 WV Amateur Trapshooting Hall of Fame  ( 2 yrs Doubles Champion, 3 yrs High All Round, 1 yr High Over all.)

WV Amateur State standings 7 yrs WV Trap Team, Honoary Top 5-5 yrs, WV Captin Highest Average

NWTF member Inductucted into the WV NWTF Hall of Fame 1998

NRA Patron Life member

Weztel County 4-H  shooting  and safety Intructor for 45 years ( 2-4 classes each summer)

Coached a Jaycee  Shooting team to 12 state Championships and went to 11 International competitions . Had 5 Students make the WVU shooting team that qualified 12 times to attend the Olympic training center in Colorado.

Beulah Talkington:

WV Hunter Education Instructor of the year 1972 and 1998

Spent a week at the International Girl Scout Camp in Cranberry Glades teaching " The role of hunter and safe gun handling to 69 chosen girl scouts from 39 states and 11 foreign countries

Coached a Jaycee shooting team to 12 state Championships and went to 11 International competitions. Sent 5 students make the WVU shooting team that qualified 12 times to attend the Olympic training center in Colorado.

1974 was chosen the WV 4-H program All Star

National Wildlife Federation Conservation Citation

Wetzel County 4-H Shooting and safety  instructor 45 years (2-4 classes each summer)

Mike Rokles

Mike Rokles from New Martinsville, was nominated to the WVHEHOF because of his commitment to Safety and Ethics. Mike has been teaching for over 27 years. Mike has been certified to teach in four states; West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. Mike taught with the Talkington’s team in Wetzel County for 17 years, and took over the Wetzel County class as Team Leader when the Talkington’s retired. Mike has taught also for over 17 years with the Tyler County Team. He has been a lead instructor in Hannibal, Ohio  since 2007. He once traveled back from Tennessee to help teach a class in Tyler county, WV. He has taught in at least five counties in WV. He has also been a facilitator in District 1 for several years recruiting instructors to help the state regional training officers. He has worked at WV state Archery in the Schools competitions as a master score-keeper. He has worked in the WV National Hunting and Fishing Days WVHEA booth and at the West Virginia Hunt Show. Mike is a passionate turkey hunter and has worked at local NWTF J.A.K.E.S. events, both conducting seminars and running shooting stations as a range master for .22 caliber rimfire teaching safe firearm handling, unloading and loading as well as scoring over 122 shooters for a competition . Mike teaches concealed-carry classes, always recruiting new shooters and hunters to the shooting sports. He has written articles for the local newspapers promoting safety and ethics. Mike is also a WVHEA board member representative for District 1. He has worked on several committees even helping to make questions on the WVDNR Hunter Safety Test more valuable. Mike also came up with a Homework Page for the HE students to be able to know the WV regulations information. Mike is also a District 1 WVHEA Volunteer Instructor of the Year. 

. Mike Rokles activities include:

· Member Moose Lodge 931

· NRA member

. Glock Shooting Sports Foundation member

· NWTF member

· WVHEA Life member

· NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

· Glock Armorer

. Coached youth softball for 6 years

· Coached Girls High School Soccer (4years )

· Coached Girls High School Softball (4 years )

· Girls High School Basketball Statistician

. Safety Commette member for USWA Local 5724

. NWTF Banquet Chairman and Committee Member

. Conducted Archery stations at Boy Scout camps.

. President of the New Martinsville youth Basketball league (14years)

.Donates his time to be Webmaster for and  Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center.

International Bow Hunter Education Instructor

George Skinner

George Skinner from Lumberport, was nominated for the many years of service and commitment to the WVHEA. He has been an instructor since 1990. He was the Harrison County Team leader from 1990 till about 2008. He assisted with new instructors, helped set-up classes and maintained materials for the classes and assisted the RTOs with recertification classes. He has taught classes in Harrison, Lewis and Marion counties. He has been the lead instructor in twenty-six classes, help teach several handicap-accessible, (signing) and has taught over 5,000 students. George was a District 1 WVHEA Volunteer Instructor of the Year; and State WVHEA Instructor of the Year that same year. George is a Charter member of the WVHEA, being one of the original signers in 1995. He was very active in the association’s conception. He was the first Secretary/Treasurer for the organization and continued until about 2002. He is a board member today and has served on the board in different offices since the association’s beginning. George has recruited several association members that now serve or has served on the board of directors for the WVHEA. George is an avid sportsman and enjoys passing on the heritage of the outdoors to young hunters.

George Skinner’s activity in other organizations include:

· 6 1/2 years US Army

· 1950’s Ground Observer Corp

· Elk Creek Watershed Association

· American Legion Post 31

· Fraternal Order of Moose 929

· Harrison County Hooked on fishing/Not on Drugs

· Coached Youth Baseball 6 years

· Worked with Boy Scouts

· Two terms as Constable of Harrison county

· Snowshoe Resort Deer Hunt for disabled hunters

· Works Election Polls



Charles Russel of Wellsburg, was nominated to the WVHEHOF inaugural Class of 2016 because of his leadership skills and commitment to Hunter Safety. Charlie was a volunteer instructor for over twenty years; and has taught three to five classes every year that he has taught. He taught classes in two counties. He was a very instrumental in the founding of the West Virginia Hunter Education Association. He served as President and also as the association’s treasurer. Charlie taught classes at his local sportsman’s club and help teach youth at West Virginia’s National Hunting and fishing Days for ten years. He has helped the WVHEA with fundraising to keep it funded and running. He enjoyed teaching Archery in the schools, Boy Scouts, 4-H and other local organizations. He has served in several capacities on the board of directors for the association and various other committees. Charlie was also a State, and District 1 WVHEA Volunteer of the Year. He also has taught both adult and youth NRA Gun Classes. Charlie has always been a great recruiter for the shootings sports always encouraging both new and young hunters to safely enjoy the outdoors.

Charles Russell’s other activities include:

· Working with local NWTF/J.A.K.E.S. events

· Federal Firearms dealer

· Brooke County Sportsman’s Club

· NRA member

. 25 Years Assisting at the National Hunting and fishing Days with Trap shooting instructions.

. Vice President of the Weirton Urbon Bow Hunters Association.

. Past Treasurer fot the Brooke County Sportsman Club, and on the Board of Directiors ( planning shoots).

Charles  Russell

Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones of Elkview, was nominated too, for his organizational skills, commitment to the WVHEA and as the organization’s leader as president for several terms, (12 years) and dedication to reach as many people in the public with the hunter safety mission. Glenn has taught classes for over 20 years, as a team leader. Glenn has taught classes in Kanawha, Putnam, Wirt and Roane counties during that time. Glenn is currently serving as President/Chairman of the Board of Directors for the WVHEA. Glenn spends many hours looking for ways to promote the association’s interests and the Hunter Ed program by Improving the classroom book that the instructors teach from, improving methods of teaching, and improving the tests. Glenn works closely with the RTOs to facilitate new recruits and training new instructors. Glenn tirelessly works for the Hunter Ed program; setting up booths at the local K-Mart, Sets-up the booths at the WV National Hunting & Fishing Days, the WV Hunt Show and is working the booths non-stop, leading by example. Glenn works the Archery in the Schools Program State tournament each year. Glenn will gladly give up a day of hunting to take a new or young hunter out introducing them to the joys of hunting. He will take the necessary time to show a new hunter how to safely shoot a gun or bow. He also teaches concealed handgun classes. Glenn works many hours organizing the Annual WVHE Rendezvous, working with the WVDNR and the committees to ensure that it runs smoothly. Glenn is a 3-time State, and 4-time District. WVHEA Volunteer Instructor of the Year.

Glenn Jones Feels it is always important to:

· Lead by example

· Get the facts correct/follow the bylaws

· Be on time

· Work together for the good of the WVHEA

· Encourage each other to do all you can

· Protect the Image of the Hunter to insure the future of the Hunting Heritage

Lt. Tim Coleman

Lt. Tim Coleman of Barboursville, served for 36 years, working for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Law enforcement section as an officer and over half of that time as an instructor for the Hunter Education program. Lt. Coleman’s passion was always for what the Hunter education program stands for, always trying to find ways to fulfill the mission. Lt. Coleman constantly made the certification of young hunters his mission while still juggling the many other state  responsibilities level at headquarters. He was an inspiration to those that worked for him and with him.

While working as the State Training Coordinator, Lt. Coleman had the opportunity to work with many non-governmental organizations. To name a few they include; the National Rifle association, International Hunter Education Association, National Wild Turkey Federation, 4-H Shooting Sports, Boy Scouts of America, Archery in the Schools and public shooting clubs. When asked by these organizations for assistance, he always answered with, “What time do you want us there?” Lt. Coleman believed that the future of hunting and the future of the shooting sports rested on the availability of programs that he could provide.

He was well known and highly thought of and during his illness numerous individuals from other states would ask of him and his health. All of the positive comments could not fit on this page. Lt. Coleman knew all of the state coordinators on a personal level and was genuinely admired by all that worked around him. Lt. Coleman was not only known throughout the Hunter Education realm, but known worldwide throughout the Boater Education realm as well. His peers knew him as the gentle giant that only spoke when something needed to be said. There was a conversation between Lt. Coleman and the coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hunter Education. She stated, “No matter what was going on, Tim never lost sight of what was important, the youth.”

After all that he had been through with his illnesses, he had encouraged one volunteer instructor that had just undergone open-heart surgery and lost his son in the same week, and was thinking of quitting as an instructor by telling him, “Take some time, but keep on doing what you’re doing.” That encouraged that instructor to never miss a class and he hasn’t in over twenty years. This speaks volumes of the kind of character he was and the kind of person that worked for the hunter Education Program. When he got ill, he was worried about the WVHEA and hoped it would continue to prosper and grow and was confident that it was going to be in good hands. Again, Lt. Coleman was known not only throughout the nation, but throughout many countries and provinces for his good works.

Robert Leasure

Ken Heinlein of Sistersville, was nominated for his involvement with the WV Hunter Ed program in Tyler county, assisting District VI DNR officers and RTOs implementing the county’s Hunter Ed Classes for more than 22 years. Ken taught classes in Tyler and Pleasants counties both as lead instructor and assisting other classes taught by DNR officers till about the year 2000. Ken always encouraged the new instructors to teach often and to do more. Ken as lead instructor held classes both spring and fall over the years. Ken as a cooperator, also worked with other local organizations, doing whatever he could as a volunteer instructor representative.

In 2003 he was instrumental in helping the Wetzel County Police Dept. install a system for Lost Child Alert Technology Resource, (joining them with 1300 other law enforcement agencies across the nation.) Ken also worked with the area Jaycees BB Gun Safety and led by coaching two teams to go to National Championships in 1985 at Slippery Rock, PA and later in Bowling Green, KY where both teams would medal; his coaching spanned over ten years. Ken also, was range master for several NWTF J.A.K.E.S. field events for BB Guns.

Ken was very organized as an instructor, working with the District RTO, facilitating the Hunter Safety Program for DNR officers and making classes available to the public. Ken retired when his work with a Communications Company had him on call 24 hours a day. Ken always tried to encourage young ones to take Hunter Safety and to get involved in the Shooting Sports; not only for safe hunting but for handling firearms safely.

Ken Heinlein also recognized for:

• US Army 1965-68, National Defense Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal and Rifle Expert

• American Legion Post #67 Trustee

• Vice-Commander American Legion Post #2

• Current member VFW Post #6327

Randy Benear

Glenn  Jarrell

Floyd “Burl” Utt, of Belleville, was nominated because he was a great mentor to the youth, through his Volunteer work. Burl was an instructor of Hunter Education since July of 2001. He has taught classes in Wood, Pleasants and Doddridge counties. Burl was a very passionate instructor and was District VI Volunteer Instructor of the Year in 2012. Burl was very dependable and help cover classes on very short notice when emergencies arose with other instructor’s classes.

Burl was a 4-H Leader for over Forty Years. He was on the Wood County 4-H Trustee Board for twenty-seven plus years. He was awarded the highest honor in 4-H, the All-Star Award. Burl was the foundation for the Shooting Sports program in Wood County 4-H. he was one of the most dependable volunteers for the 4-H Ox Roast every year. He taught Hunter Education classes during 4-H Camp’s activities.

Burl was an advocate for the National Wild Turkey Federation and a very passionate turkey hunter. Burl donated his time on the Air-Rifle Range each year at the annual J.A.K.E.S. events for the Mid-Ohio Valley chapter of the NWTF. He helped instruct hundreds of children in the proper handling and safety of air-rifles. A lot of children were blessed to have Burl teach them to shoot their first air-rifle. Burl also mentored and introduced many youths to the turkey woods. Burl was also a very passionate coon hunter that introduced many youths to the tradition of coon hunting with hounds. Burl Utt, other areas of involvement:

· NWTF J.A.K.E.S. event committee several years

· Certified 4-H Shooting Sports Air Rifle

· District VI Instructor of the Year 2012

Glen Jarrell of Charleston, nominated to the WVHEHOF for over ten years of service to the WV Hunter Education program. Glen has taught at least ten classes of each year. Glen teaches each class from start to finish. Glen also mentors young people to the sport of hunting through Archery in the Schools Program, Trophy Hunters Association and through church Youth activities. Glen is also the main contact for the West Virginia Hunt and Fishing Show each year in Charleston. Also, each year is valuable to the WVHEA booth at National Hunting and Fishing Days at Stonewall Jackson Lake.

Glen has helped out at special local events promoting safe hunting practices at (K-Mart and Wal-Mart). Glen serves on the WVHEA Board of Directors, representative for District V. He is currently serving on the WVHEHOF committee. He has taught at least three counties, with numerous classes. Glen has been District V Volunteer Instructor of the Year; and also, State Volunteer Instructor of the Year. 

Glen Jarrell also active with:

· Working with Youth at Church

· DNR’s Archery in the Schools State Competition

· Works with the DNR on special projects

· Putnam County Youth Day

· West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center

· Youth Days for the US Sportsmen’s Alliance Trailblazer Program

· Beyond the Back-Yard Youth Program

· Continuing to help with 2016 Flood recovery

· Chairman for the WV Trophy Hunters Assoc.

· Currently serving on the WV Wildlife Endowment Fund, Governor’s Board of Trustees

Randall Benear of Cross Lanes, nominated to the WVHEHOF for over sixteen years of service, teaching eight to ten classes each year. Randy has served on the WVHEA Board of Directors for over twelve years as a district representative, committee head and vice-president of the association. Randy was instrumental in getting class paperwork into the computer system for registration making it easier to register for classes, class rosters and class records. Randy has helped to promote Hunter Education by helping out at handicap accessible hunts, Archery in the Schools, Youth Church activities and special events for the WVHEA. He runs a booth at the WVHEA DNR Rendezvous each year. Randy was the person that developed the first webpage for the WVHEA, also it was the first of its kind in the United States; and continuing to offer his help for the webpage.

Randy has recruited several new instructors for the Hunter Education program. Randy has been District Volunteer Instructor as well as State Volunteer Instructor of the Year. He is currently also serving as co-chairman for the WVHEHOF. 

Randy Benear also:

· Served WV State chapter Wheelin’ Sportsmen NWTF Chairman/coordinator

· Event Coordinator for 2 Wheelin’ Sportsmen NWTF Fun & Learn events

· Coordinator for 1 Wheelin’ Sportsmen/J.A.K.E.S. Hunt at Mountwood Park

· Worked J.A.K.E.S. event .22 Rimfire Rifle Competition for 2 age groups

· Worked with DNR Special Needs Antlerless Hunts at Snowshoe Resort

· Instrumental in developing 1st DNR-Dedicated Handicap Class at Institute, WV

With 176 students, (36 of which were special needs participants)

· Technical advisor for computers and programs for WVHEA

· WV State chapter NWTF “James C. Pack Award - Director of the Year”

Bob Leasure of Alma, was nominated for his dedication to the Hunter Safety Program and the promotion of safety, ethics and passing on his knowledge to youths that he comes in contact with. Bob works with other instructors from other areas in neighboring counties and runs the class in Tyler county as team leader, and helps teach in Wetzel county, and has taught in Doddridge and Pleasants counties, and also assists with teaching classes in Monroe County Ohio. Bob is a WVHEA life member and IHEA member; and currently serving on the WVHEA board of directors, as District VI representative and serves on various committees. He has helped with fundraising for the WVHE Appreciation Day for several years. Bob has been teaching for over (20) years in West Virginia and in Ohio for (10) years; and was a District VI Volunteer Instructor of the year. Bob tries to recruit new instructors to help teach classes and add to his team. Bob really enjoys introducing young/new hunters to the outdoors, hunting, trapping and fishing. He is dedicated to preserving the Hunting Heritage; this is shown from his involvement with the National Wild Turkey Federation:

• Serving as chapter president of the Middle Island Longbeards for over 20 years. Leading the chapter to earning, WV Governor’s “DNR Sports Organization of the Year”, several Golden Gobbler Achievements, and was WV’s 1st 5-Star Chapter running for seven years.

· NWTF Silver Life Sponsor member

• Local J.A.K.E.S. event coordinator leading the Middle Island Longbeards to win WV’s 1st National award. Including Six, (6) national awards for J.A.K.E.S. events in different categories, including “Best of the Best Award”, earning them to be inducted into the NWTF’s “Outreach Hall of Fame.”

• District Director for West Virginia, covering Hunting Heritage Banquets.

• West Virginia State Volunteer J.A.K.E.S. coordinator, 15 years.

• WV Wheelin’ Sportsman/NWTF event co-coordinator, (2 events +1 hunt).

• West Virginia’s 1st Women In The Outdoors (W.I.T.O.) Event Coordinator.

• Coordinator of the chapter’s three youth squirrel hunts and one youth deer hunt.

• Coordinator of several NWTF Sanctioned Calling Contests and J.A.K.E.S. Turkey shoots.

• Judge for (3) Cabela’s Calling contests, and Master of Ceremonies, (1)

• Local Banquet Chairman for over 18 years; earning Chairman’s Award

• Was recognized by WV state chapter for; “Breast Feather Award” – Volunteer of the Year, “Boss Bird Award” – Chapter President of the Year, “James C. Pack Award” – Director of the Year, Nominated by the WV state chapter for, Governor’s “Sports Person of the Year”

• Signed -up over 4000 J.A.K.E.S./XTREME J.A.K.E.S. members. Leading his chapter to be 1st - most years in J.A.K.E.S. sign-ups.

• Worked with school clubs and after-school day plus programs giving seminars on outdoor safety and taught Hooked On Fishing/Not On Drugs

• Was Certified 4-H Shooting Sports Shotgun Instructor

• Also helped, Cub Scout Camps – Air Rifle/BB Gun Safety, Girl Scouts, FFA and 4-H

• Taught Hunter Ed classes for 4-H Camp

. IHEA member

. Trout Unlimited member 

• NRA Member

• Member West Virginia Wildlife Federation

• Duck’s Unlimited member

• Took over 52 new hunters to kill their first deer, twenty to kill their first turkeys and over 100 kids to catch their first fish.

. International Bow Hunter Education Instructor

Class of 2018 Inductees

Ken Heinlein

Ret. Sgt. Vernon Nosse

Ret. Sgt. Stephen D. Rexrode, of Petersburg was nominated to the WVHEHOF for 48 years of service with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, most of those years as the Regional Training Officer, and over 3000 hours of instruction. He has taught in eight counties of West Virginia; and over 12 years as the lead instructor in Grant County, teaching hunter education for 45 consecutive years. He taught Hunter Ed classes starting in the early 70’s at Petersburg High School and still teaches there; and became team leader for Grant County. In 1987 he was given the Green light to teach Hunter Ed classes in all 8 counties of District II. In 2012 he was recognized as the WV District II Instructor of the year. He has a wealth of knowledge about the WVHE program from his years of experience to call upon that others have relied upon. The District II Hunter Education program would not be what it is today without his hard work and his positive example as a sportsman.

He is extremely active in his community. Over the last 20 years he has conducted the .22 cal. rifle range at the Grant County 4-H Camp as a 4-H Shooting Sports Certified Instructor. He was very instrumental in obtaining a grant from the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation to build a rifle, pistol, archery, muzzle-loading rifle and trap range in Grant County; at the time the only range in a four-county area. He was one of the founders of the Physically Challenged Hunt at Jennings Randolph Lake; and also participated in the Physically Challenged Deer Hunt at Snowshoe. He also, has taken our Wounded Warriors hunting there. He ran the .22 cal. Rifle range at the West Virginia Conservation Camp for 28 years. He also conducted Hunter Ed classes for the West Virginia School for the Deaf. He participated in the hunt with a Natural Resources Police Officer program, helping a young man kill his first squirrel. He is a Vietnam Veteran, having served 4 years in the United States Air Force, one of them in Southeast Asia. He continues to give safety presentations to the 4-H clubs and the South Branch Vocational center each year prior to deer fire-arms season. He also coached Little League Baseball for 15 years and basketball for 10 years. He served as a member of the School Improvement Council at Petersburg High School for 8 years; and is currently the assistant Golf Coach. In 1985 he was awarded the Outstanding West Virginian for his heroic efforts during the 1985 flood. Stephen also, is a serving Municipal Judge.

* 1993 District II Conservation Officer of the Year

* Taught Classes at Union high School for many years

* Conducted .22 rifle range for Diabetes Camp at Camp Caesar

* One of the original 7 Officers that started mandatory Hunter Ed program

* Attended Potomac State College

* Enlisted in United States Air Force

* Served a Tour of Duty in Vietnam and Korea during USS Pueblo Crisis

Ret. Sgt. Stephen D. Rexrode

Mike and Sherry Gosnell

Mike and Sherry Gosnell, of Glen Daniel have been nominated to the WVHEHOF as a Team; as well as individually. Mike Gosnell has proven to be a dedicated instructor and team leader in Raleigh County. Mike has over 28 years of experience, with over 1000 hours of instruction and gives freely of his time to the 8 counties in his district, teaching in four of them. Mike has been District IV Instructor of the Year 3 times. Mike makes sure each student understands the facts and lessons in each chapter of the HE manual before moving on. He seems to be a natural using his knowledge and experience with firearms safety, passing it on to future generations of hunters. Mike is self-motivated, has a, “Can Do,” attitude and is someone his Regional Training Officer can ask advice about situations that can come up in the Hunter Education program. He is a Patriot Life member of the NRA and a Life/Sponsor Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation member. Mike works cohesively with his wife as a team carrying out the Hunter Education program mission, relying on her support over the years. He is well respected as an exemplary community service leader.

* Ordained Minister/Pastor • Past Youth Director, New Life Church

* Worked the Royal Family Kids Summer Camps for Abused Children

* Former WV Coordinator for Dove TV Appalachian Christmas Project

* Chaplin and served on Board of Directors Trap Hill Fire Dept.

* Clown for Share Joy Ministries • Chaplin of Raleigh Co. Crisis Team

* Former Chaplin and VP for the National Association of WV Postmasters

* Former VP for the National Association of Retired Federal Employees

* Life member Vietnam Veterans • Life member VFW

* Former Cub Scout Master BSA • Member of the Heritage Foundation

Sherry Gosnell has been an asset to the Hunter Education program in District IV and was recruited by her husband. She recently suffered a stroke and numerous heart attacks; but when visited by her RTO during her extensive rehab and recovery always she seemed to be concerned about her special sections in her classes, namely ethics. Sherry has taught for over 8 years in 3 counties supporting her husband’s efforts with nearly 500 hours of instruction on her own. She continues through her hardship to show up to classes to cover, ethics, her favorite part of instruction. Sherry too, is a member of the NRA and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. She was a District IV Instructor of the Year. Sherry is not only dedicated to the Hunter Education program herself, but a great asset to her husband as a team; as well as a community service leader.

* Dove TV Christmas Outreach for WV Toys, Clothing and Food for Needy

* Mt. Hope Kid’s Festival • CEO Share Joy Ministries

* Women’s Resource Ctr. • Back to School Community Project

* Nursing Home Ministries • Child Evangelism Outreach Program

* Royal Family Kids Summer Camps • Special Needs Children Program

* Whitesville Toys for Labors • Ministered at Jail Work Release

* Kid’s Vacation Bible Schools




Curtis L. Martin

Curtis L. Martin, of Danese was nominated for his commitment to the West Virginia hunter Education Program in which as a lead instructor in Fayette county he taught classes for 27 years, with over 800 hours of instruction. For his dedication to the Hunter Education program he has been recognized as District IV Instructor of the Year twice. He also was recognized as State Instructor of the Year in 2017. He is known for his knowledge of hunting and firearms safety throughout the community and respected for it. As an instructor his teaching methods reflect in the scores of his students.

* Member of the NRA for 30 years

* Adult Sunday School Teacher and Trustee, 5 years

* Kentucky Colonel, 19 years

* Served on Safety Committee CSX Railroad, 30 years

* 1987 Safety Man of the Year CSX Railroad

* Taught Safety Classes for CSX Railroad on business Unit, 5 years

* 32 Degree Mason & Past Master Lodge 104, 38 years

* Girls AAU Basketball Coach, 1 year

* Avid Golfer and Marshall at Greenbrier Classic, 8 years

* Union Rep. for Allied Federation, 32 years

* Board of Trustee member for Allied Federation Occupational Disability Ins.

* Married 45 years, 1 daughter, 1 grandson

  Junior Moore

Junior Moore, of Meadowbrook was nominated for his versatility and ability to step-up for what is needed as an instructor. Junior has been teaching for 23 years, with over 700 instructional hours. He became a team leader by stepping-up and taking over classes for George Skinner in Harrison County; and has taught in 8 counties in all. He was recognized by the WVHEA and DNR as District 1 Instructor of the Year in 2001, and again in 2006. Junior takes delight in the Hunting Heritage by encouraging new as well as young hunters. He has taught classes for the handicapped, as well as working with disabled hunters for the Physically Challenged Deer Hunt at Snowshoe. He has worked with the NWTF’s JAKES Day program and also worked with Boy Scouts. Junior is also very active with other organizations; NWTF, RMEF, NRA and Wildlife Forever.

* United States Navy Veteran

* American Legion

* Life member DAV (Disabled American Veterans)

* Helped to re-introduce Elk to West Virginia (Darting Elk for the WVDNR)

* North Central Mountaineer Chapter/NWTF committee and ticket chairman

* Member Duck’s Unlimited

* Patriot Benefactor Life member NRA

* Working w/Kids for NWTF & RMEF, teaching gun safety, muzzleloaders, .22 caliber and archery shoots, throwing tomahawks and knives; as well as cooking in the outdoors

* Helped at NWTF’s Women in the Outdoors events as range safety officer

* Served as Vice-president and Board member for WVHEA, two years

* WVHEA Life member





John (Jay) Hicks

John (Jay) Hicks, of Lewisburg was nominated for over 25 years of service to the West Virginia hunter Education program with over 650 hours of instruction working as a team leader in Greenbrier County. Jay started his instructor career in Pocahontas County, also teaching in a total of 4 counties, certifying thousands of students. Jay worked as a volunteer instructor up until his passing in December of 2015. Jay was recognized by the WVDNR and the WVHEA as District IV Instructor of the Year in 2014. Jay had the support of his wife, Jane, who would help him load his vehicle before classes. His knowledge of the Hunter Ed program was second to none. Jay’s knowledge of muzzleloaders led him to specialize in the section on black powder and muzzleloaders for his experience in building and competing with them. Being an avid sportsman, he really enjoyed sharing and passing-on to others his passion for the outdoors, hunting and fishing. He was a member of the local Muzzleloader Association. Also, he was a Life member of the NRA. He was a friend to many, mentor to new and young hunters; and father of four sons that he passed-along his knowledge of hunting and fishing.

* Served United States Army 1963-66

* Boy Scouts leader for 2 different Troops

* Helped w/Boy Scout Camps and Church Camps

* United Methodist Pastor 1989-Retired 2004

* Member United Methodist Men

* Worked for Pocahontas County Food Pantry

* Summers County Hospital Chaplin

* Member Masonic Lodge #42 since1976

* Charter member of Clintonville Vol. Fire Dept. – Chaplin since 2004

* Fireman of the Year 1980

* Life member North American Hunting /Fishing Clubs

* Member of the Kate Carpenter Muzzleloader Club - helped build range

* Owned and Operated Hick’s Gun Shop – Building muzzleloaders

* Certified Gunsmith

Class of 2019 Inductees

John (Jay) Hicks

Retired Sgt. Bobby Dale Jones

Bobby Dale Jones  was nominated to the West Virginia Hunter Education Hall of Fame for a lifetime of dedication to Hunter Safety and Firearms Safety both in the woods and at the ranges; while working for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Law Enforcement and as a volunteer since and before his retirement. He has worked as a WVDNR conservation officer since 1971. He was certified as a National Rifle Association Hunter Education Instructor in 1972. Actively taught NRA Hunter Education yearly in Doddridge County High School, county 4-H Camps and Clubs.

In 1974 he was transferred to Webster County, with Officer Boyd Cutright he taught classes in all Webster County Middle Schools from 1974 – 1988. He also taught classes at Webster County 4-H Camps and other organizations requests.

In 1988 he transferred to Nicholas County and taught classes with Officer John Cogar in all middle schools of Nicholas County.

In August of 1989 he was promoted and assigned as one of the six original Sergeants to teach and train for the new mandatory Hunter Education classes, under the International Hunter Education guidelines. He was responsible for recruiting volunteer instructors and training them to the required ten-hour classes. He also taught the mandatory program to the District Conservation officers. Also, Sgt. Jones was assigned the responsibility of Boating Safety Training; recruiting and training them and District Officers Boating Safety as required in many states.

Sgt. Jones was also assigned the added responsibility of Officer Firearms Training and Qualification. About this same time came the change from six Districts to four Regions for command; with this came the position of Regional Training Officers to implement the programs.

Sgt. Jones with Sgt. Vernon Nosse were sent to Missouri to a class on investigation of Hunting Incidents and Causes. On return to West Virginia they put a certified Police recertification class together and traveled the state, teaching all WV Conservation Officers as well as other state Law Enforcement Organizations.

Sgt. Jones was very active in West Virginia Junior Conservation Camps at Cedar Lakes near Ripley, WV from 1990 – 2005. He has also helped with other youth events all over West Virginia.

In December of 2005 he had some serious health problems leading to his retiring in February of 2006. With his retirement he was assigned Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor number V1000. He has remained actively retired as a volunteer Hunter Education Instructor in Marion county teaching classes to the present.

·       Fort Dix Small Bore Rifle Team Captain, Range Safety Officer  was trained in a Unit, it helped with the Survival Section

·       Went to work for DNR Law, Aug.1971 Between State Police Academy, Buffalo Creek Flood -Winter of 1971-72 was a busy time.

·       Early 1973 was tested by Sgt. Smith for the NRA Hunter Ed Instructor

·       Active with gun safety and conservation Doddridge Co. 4-H camps 1973-74

·       Active with the Doddridge Co. Club 1973-74

·       Taught NRA HE Classes with Officer Boyd Cutright to all 8th grade students in Webster county Schools

·       1975-1988 Worked Webster County 4-H Camp teaching HE Classes and Marksmanship

·       As one of the original Hunter Education Administrators ran District I Hunter Ed programs and taught the new required class.

·       Teaching Hunter Ed and Shooting Events statewide.

·       Taught gun, archery safety and marksmanship from 1990-2005  at Cedar Lakes

·       Worked with Set-up and Tear-down of the Youth Challenge at Stonewall Jackson Park, National Hunting and Fishing Days Events

·       Working with Sgt. Vance  as  Range Officer for the events

·       Worked with the National Wild Turkey Federation at Jakes Events at Lewis Wetzel and Pine Grove

·       Worked Hooked on Fishing/Not on Drugs in Harrison County, promoting Hunter Ed and Boating Safety

Robert L. Friend Sr.

Robert Friend was nominated for all of his work as a volunteer Hunter Ed instructor totaling over twenty-nine years of service. He continues to teach classes to this day and was team leader in Nicholas county for several years. Robert owner of a small business in Summersville, (Friendly Bass & Buck Shop), donating many items to schools, local clubs and police forces for raffles and fundraising purposes, while buying time to schedule Hunter Ed classes in the area.

He was awarded District III Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor of the Year in 2003. As one can see he comes by Teaching Hunter Education naturally, as he attended WVU and earned a Master’s degree in teaching Vocational Education. Also, being safety minded is a natural thing for him as he is also certified by the United States Department of Labor and National Mine Health and Safety Academy as a 40-hour Surface Mine Apprentice Instructor and is still teaching

·       22-year, Retired West Virginia National Guard (150th Armored Calvary / 157th Military Police/ 1092 Combat engineers)

·       Retired School Teacher (9-Adult) for Nicholas county B.O.E.

·       Ordained Minister/Pastor Freewill Baptist

·       Member NRA

·       Former member West Virginia Bow Hunters Association

·       Through his small business conducts Turkey, Trapping and Archery Seminars

·       Also works closely with different county chapters of the NWTF supplying their needs for Hunting Heritage Banquets

Harold Bennett Jr.

Harold Bennett was nominated to the WVHEHOF for over eighteen years of dedicated service to the West Virginia Hunter Education program. He has also served as a team leader for Hampshire county, as well as teaching classes in Mineral and traveled to keep classes open in three counties in the Eastern Panhandle. Harold was awarded District II Volunteer Instructor of the Year, three times, and also State Instructor of the Year in 2014 by the WVHEA for his efforts.

Harold also retains his firearms certification with the Federal Department of Justice and assists in the requalification process for numerous retired law enforcement officers.

In 2011 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and won the battle. This inspired him to form a Relay For Life Bow Shoot as a Fundraiser for the cause and uses this as an opportunity to give an archery safety class for the participants. He also organized a fishing Rodeo for kids 14 and under for the same benefit at Jennings Randolph Lake. Harold has generated a lot of support to sponsor the events, as well as the Hunter Ed program in District II.

Harold has helped with the Wounded Warrior Project Deer Hunt at Jennings Randolph Lake since 2009 and assisted implementing a Spring Turkey Hunt for the Wounded Warriors since 2013. Harold attends Berean Independent Baptist Church in Ft. Ashby, where he is head of security and responsible for training the church security detail.

Harold began his career in Law Enforcement in 1983 for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. In 1987 the Federal Bureau of Prisons hired him. Harold worked at FCI Ashland, Kentucky from 1987 until 1996 when he transferred to FCI Cumberland, Maryland. He worked there as a correctional officer until 1998 when he was promoted to Correctional Counselor and Firearms Instructor. In 2005 he was awarded Correctional Worker of the Year at FCI Cumberland and went on to retire in 2010 with 23 years of service with the Bureau of Prisons.

·       Life Member WVHEA

·       Member IHEA

·       Member NRA

·       Member NWTF

·       Member RMEF

·       Also conducts informal handgun safety classes with members of the Church.

Allen Bell

Allen Bell was nominated to the West Virginia Hunter Education Hall Of Fame as a volunteer instructor that has been teaching the program since 1978. He has served the program as a team leader in Webster county for over six years. In 2010 he was honored as District III Volunteer Instructor of the Year, as well as State Instructor of the Year. As a teacher in the Webster county public school system for seventeen years and the Principle for over eighteen years, he enabled the Hunter Education program to become part of the school’s calendar that continues to this day. The program is offered to students from grade seven to twelve. Allen is always eager to help anyone needing answers about hunting laws and seasons or looking to find a HE class. Such attributes that make him a quality instructor are an outgoing personality, patience, attention to detail and an approachable manner.
As an avid hunter and fisherman, Allen is always willing to pass on his over seventy years knowledge of the outdoors to anyone. He will share his experience introducing persons to fly fishing,  fly tying and rabbit hunting. He is actively involved with the public policy side of the WVDNR by attending the state Regulations meetings each year, writing letters and completing surveys for wildlife biologists and staying in contact with WVDNR commissioners. Conservation organizations that he belongs to and has assisted are; 4H, NWTF, NRA, WV Bowhunters, Trout unlimited, Webster County Sportsman Club, Webster county Trapper’s Association and WVHEA. Other organizations he has been a part of are several management boards in Webster county such as Region IV Planning and Development Council, Sherriff’s  Civil Service, Community  Development Council and the Health Board. An instructor whose attributes outnumber the stickers on the back window of his pick - up truck.

• Graduate of Webster Springs High school
• Graduate of WVU BS in Elementary Education
• Graduate of Marshall University MS Educational Administration
• Taught 38 Golden Horseshoe winners in Webster County Schools 

•  Received Honorary Golden Horseshoe from WV Dept. of Education (1983)
• WV Hunter Education 1978- 2019 (41 years)
• WVHEA Lifetime member
• Webster County Jury Commissioner

 Brian Satterfield

Brian Satterfield was nominated to the WVHEHOF for his dedication and commitment to the West Virginia Hunter Education program. He has been a volunteer Hunter Ed instructor since 1990. Also has been a team leader for classes and has taught in at least four counties. Brian has been selected as District I Volunteer Instructor of the Year three times, and State Instructor of the Year twice. He has nearly 1000 hours of instruction also.

Brian was the first President of the West Virginia Hunter Education Association and a Life member. He is also a member of the National Rifle Association and the National Wild turkey Federation. He has also worked with Boy Scouts and the 4-H Shooting Sports. He has set-up and worked several NWTF J.A.K.E.S. (Juniors, Acquiring, Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) Day events, as well as, S.A.F.E. (Shooting Access For Everyone) Days for kids, sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Brian is also the West Virginia Chairperson for the RMEF organization. He helped re-introduce Elk back into West Virginia, working with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Wildlife Section. He was recently featured in the “Wonderful West Virginia” magazine.

Brian is also a leader in Community Service, working as a volunteer, countless hours on the Marshville Community Building. He has continued to do maintenance on the building for years. Working with Boy Scout leaders he has displayed Animal furs at the Meadowbrook Mall. Brian is always willing to work with anyone requesting him to teach kids about hunting and trapping. He always encourages everyone to take Hunter Education classes and how to find them On-line. Brian likes to introduce kids and new recruits to hunting and encourages good sportsmanship and that hunting is not a competitive sport.

 Rodney B. Brelsford 

Rodney Brelsford was nominated for his concern for the future of hunting and commitment to the Hunter Education Program. Rodney became a volunteer instructor 26 years ago in 1993. He began teaching in Mineral county and after becoming better acquainted with the West Virginia Hunter Education program, he took over as team leader in Mineral county. His teaching has reached far beyond Mineral county and has taught in all eight counties of District II. He traveled throughout the eastern panhandle, ensuring that scheduled classes were never cancelled due to a lack of volunteer instructors benefitting students that needed to take the classes. Rodney was awarded District II Volunteer Instructor of the Year in 1997.

Rodney has helped with the Wounded Warrior Project deer hunt at Jennings Randolph lake since 2009 and has implemented a spring turkey hunt for the hunters in 2013. He has volunteered countless hours building and maintaining wildlife food plots and handicap accessible hunting blinds in support of the program.

·       Life member WVHEA

·       Life member NRA

·       Life member RMEF

·       Life member Buckmasters

·       Life member North American Hunting Club

·       Life member Short Gap VFD – 50 years+

·       32 Degree Mason

·       Taught Special HE classes at Frankfort High School

·       Taught special Hunter Ed class for 4-H

·       Cub Scout Leader

·       Boy Scout Assist. Leader

·       Little League Baseball Coach – 9 years

·       Member Wesley Chapel UMC – 55 years

Ret. Sgt. Vernon Nosse of Bridgeport, was nominated to the WVHEHOF for 46 years of service and over 3500 hours of instruction. He has instructed classes throughout 17 of the 55 counties of the state. As a regional training officer, he was very efficient in seeing to it that his instructors always had what they needed to conduct their classes. Vernon for a time was the Regional Training Officer in more than one district at a time; this was no easy task but was efficient in carrying out his duties. He was a 4-H Shooting Sports Shotgun instructor certifying many students throughout the state to become instructors and range officers. He would facilitate other DNR officers and coordinate them with many organization’s shooting events. He conducted sporting clays shooting stations for the 4-H Shooting Sports, NWTF/J.A.K.E.S. and W.I.T.O. events, as well as other organizations events, introducing hundreds of children, as well as women to the shooting sports; while helping them to get more knowledge. As an RTO he always encouraged the instructors to recruit new instructors and to become facilitators to keep the Hunter Education Program growing and running smoothly. He would always encourage his instructors to do more and call them up to support other lead instructors when their teams needed help. If you ever needed anything on short notice he always made it happen, right on time. Whenever an instructor had a problem, he’d encourage them to keep doing their best and offered to help remedy the situation. Sgt. Nosse also teaches Certification for Concealed Carry Instructors, as well as Concealed Carry classes. He has worked with the state 4-H Camps and their 4-H Shooting Sports program; teaches Boy Scouts of America Camps and instructors and church groups. He also teaches Glock Armor classes. Even after his retirement from the West Virginia DNR, with many years of service to the WVHEA, he continues to attend quarterly meetings offering to help the association in any way he can. Other areas of involvement are listed below; demonstrating his dedication and commitment to the WVHEA mission.

* United States Army 1967-1971 • WVDNR 1972-2011

* Hunter Safety Instructor 1972-present • Law Enforcement Trainer (LEPS)

* Member Fraternal Order of Police Mountaineer Lodge # 78, Life Member

* Member WV Sportsman & Firearms Association

* Member Salem Rifle & Pistol Club • Member Practical Shooting Assoc.

* Life Member WV St. Rifle/Pistol Association

* Life Member Glock Shooting Sports Foundation

* Life Member National Skeet Shooting Association

* Member International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

* NRA training Counselor & Instructor (Chief Range Safety Officer, Advanced Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Refuse to be a Victim, Personal Protection in the Home and Personal Protection Outside the home.

Don Welch of Barboursville, was nominated for over 18 years of leadership with the WV Hunter Ed program. Don was named as the “Lone Wolf” for the way he filled or dominated the role of Team Leader in the classes he instructed in. Don taught for a while by himself with only help coming from his RTO or the local DNR officer. Don has always made the student the priority of his classes. Don has taught in four counties of the state, and was sought out to teach from other areas other than his own location.

Don has remained active throughout his volunteer instructor’s career, being active in many sporting clubs. Don has been very active with the NWTF’s J.A.K.E.S. Day events. He was very instrumental in the planning of the many Cabell county chapter events. Because he is an NRA Range instructor, he has always assisted with range duty. From Cabell to Wayne county he always is the first to know of when these events are scheduled, even before the DNR officers do because of his keen interest to the programs and willingness to be of assistance. Don has also been very active with Boy Scouts of America. Because he is also a Boy Scouts Range Officer, he has worked the ranges during the Jamborees and other events.

Don’s true passion has always been the shooting sports, always making sure to get every child involved with trap-shooting or .22 caliber rifle range shooting. Also, Don has assisted with the WV State Sherriff’s Camp, Wayne County Hunter Education Live Fire Range Day and National Hunting and Fishing Days. At one-time Don was the Cabell/Midland Archery in the Schools coach and led them to several State Tournament Titles.

Don Welch also recognized by WVHEA District  Volunteer Instructor of the Year (5) times

·  WVHEA State Volunteer Instructor of the Year

·  Shooting Sports Director of Boy Scouts Camp (11) years

·  Worked Gun Ranges at J.A.K.E.S. events (15) years

·  Assisted DNR gun ranges

·  Firearms instructor with Special Needs Youth Sportsman, 3 years

Class of 2020 Inductees

Boyd Cutright was nominated for teaching Hunter Education for over 29 years as a Volunteer instructor. He retired with 41 years as a West Virginia Conservation/Natural Resource Police Officer in Webster County. He was one of the original WV officers to teach as a certified instructor back in 1971. He is currently a member of the Webster County Team, led by Officer Scott Kaina. Boyd is known to have been teaching over three generations of students; mounting up over 5000 hours of instruction. Boyd stays active in his community, helping whenever he is needed. Currently president of the Webster County Solid Waste Authority; overseeing litter removal and solid waste removal. Boyd is not the team leader of the Webster County HE Team, but could easily take on that role if needed; Always cooperating with all team members and backing-up his team leader and says his team leader is the best. Boyd is a humble man choosing not to be awarded for accomplishments as an WV Officer, but recognizing that others he works with deserves to be recognized for their hard work. Boyd is also a hunter that has enjoyed hunting for over sixty years. He believes in the positive impact that Hunter Education has made over the years and the success that has been achieved from the dedicated volunteer instructors. Boyd portrays a positive image of what a hunter education instructor and retired public servant should be.

• United States Navy aboard USS Little Rock (Flagship of the 6th Fleet)
• Life Member USS Little Rock Association
• West Virginia Trappers Association
• North American hunters Club
• National Rifle Association
• WV Hunter Education Association
• Current President Webster County Senior Citizens Committee
• Member Webster County Seniors Grievance Committee
• Member and Trustee Independent Baptist Church of Cleveland holding devotions on Sunday mornings

 Boyd Cutright

Kip Captor was nominated for his exceptional dedication to the program. He is the founding member of the Marion County Hunter Education team, teaching for over 30 years. His positive attitude toward the program is the reason for the team’s success. He began his career as an instructor on July 18th of 1990. He has been the lead instructor for the team since March of 1991, logging over 3500 hours of instruction. He has recruited new instructors for his team over the years; and with his positive attitude retains the current members. He has been a member of the NWTF since 1990. He is also a member of the Ruffed Grouse Society during that time too. He has worked with the youth of the community promoting safe-hunting practices for them outside of the classroom. His current Regional Training Officer, RTO, claims that Kip was his building
blocks of what his last RTO did well and what was needed from a lead instructor’s point of view.

• Graduate of Fairmont State University, BS degree in Civic and Industrial Engineering Technology
• Life Member Amateur Trapshooting Association
• NRA Benefactor Member
• Member West Virginia Sportsman & Firearms Association, President & Secretary
• Member Marshall County Hunting & Fishing Club
• Member Jefferson County Sportsman Association in Ohio.

Kip Captor

 Victor Friend Jr

Paul Friend of Summersville, nominated for 30 years of Volunteer service as Hunter Ed Instructor. He has been a lead instructor for over 26 years with over 2800 hours of instruction. He is currently one of the main members of the Nicholas county team. He works closely with all team members and also interacts with the students as well. Paul practices what he preaches in class while hunting and fishing; and is not shy insisting that the students follow the regulations. Paul is an instructor that deeply cares about the future of hunting.
• 38 Yrs. WV National Guard Army 157 Military Police / 1092 (Platoon Sergeant) Combat Construction Engineer
• University of Charleston w/Associates of the Arts in Military Management 2Yr. Degree
• 36 Yrs. WV License Pharmacy Technician Summersville Memorial/ Mountain Lake Pharmacy
• 30 Yrs. Owner, Friend-At-Work Computer Sales, Service and Repair
• 30 Yrs. West Virginia Bonded Notary
• Baptist Preacher since 1983
• Life member WVHEA
• Life member North American Hunting Club
• 35 Yrs. NRA member
• Member Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Dave and Lorene Thompson

Dave and Lorene Thompson were nominated as a husband and wife team as well as individually. Dave has been teaching for over 30 years and shortly after his first year as an instructor became the team leader. Teaching for nearly 3000 hours and was a District Volunteer Instructor of the Year. He also has been involved in many other organizations listed below. Always cooperating and putting forth a team spirit in all of his endeavors.
Lorene started teaching hunter education a few years later to support her husband’s team. She has been an instructor for over 22 years with over 2000 hours of instruction. Their team has been very active in the Cross Lanes area. They have always made spots available in their classes even when they were full to capacity, never turning anyone away. To say that this husband and wife team have their sights set on hunter education and the shooting sports is an understatement. The extensive list of their areas of involvement are listed below.
Dave Thompson:
• Owned E. J. Thompson & Son Plumbing and Heating 1961-2009
• Cub Scout leader
• Webelos Leader
• Buckskin Council Scout Master 15 Yrs.
• Pioneer District Award of Merit 1980
• Buckskin Council Silver Beaver Award 1986
• Midland Trail Friends of NRA BQ committee-leadership 28 Yrs.
• Something Big Scouts shooting days several years
• Putnam County Youth Day several years
• Poca River Sportsman Club Youth Day several years
• Mason Member
• 3 Citations Distinguished West Virginian; Arch Moore, Joe Manchin, A. J. Manchin
• Memberships; WVBH assoc., NWTF, RMEF & NRA + (NRA Range Officer)
• Conducted Archery instruction for church several years
• Rifle and Pistol Instructor
• Member First Baptist Church of Tyler Mountain
• Chairman Youth Work and on Board of Trustees

Lorene Thompson:
• Cub Scout Den Leader, Den Leader Instructor, Day Camp Director
• Pioneer District Commissioner
• Member of the Pioneer Dist. Eagle Scout Review Board
• Pioneer Dist. Award of Merit 1976
• Buckskin Council Silver Beaver Award 1984
• Woodbadge Award
• NRA Rifle and Pistol instructor and NRA member
• Putnam County Youth Day 27 Yrs.
• Secretary for Midland Trail Friends of NRA Committee
• Member First Baptist Church of Tyler Mountain
• Chairman of Adult Work and the Kitchen
• Archery in Church
• Poca River Sportsman Club Youth Day

Harry and Florence Croft

Harry N. Croft and Florence Croft are another husband and wife team that were nominated as a team and also individual commitment to the Hunter Education program. Both have over 29 years of experience as volunteer instructors with over 2000 hours of instruction. Coming from the Wheeling area have taught Hunter Ed in three counties. Harry is the founding member of the Ohio County Hunter Education team. Florence has been serving with her husband since the beginning of the program. Their positive attitude has been the main reason for the successes of their team. This positive attitude has been the reason they have recruited other new members of the team and this also retains them. Even though Harry is the lead instructor; Florence has taken it upon herself in supporting her husband to do all of the paperwork and keeping the team’s scheduled classes and training running smoothly. Harry has worked most all of his life, working his way through College, graduating from International Bible College in San Antonio, TX. He also has a 29-year career as a Deputy Sheriff, and now a pastoral position at the Wheeling Mar-Win Church of the Nazarene. A list of their accomplishments and interests are listed below.

Harry Croft
• Two-time recipient of the WVHEA – District 1 Instructor of the Year
• Life member; NRA, WV Bow Hunters Assoc., Wildlife League of Ohio County,Police Marksmanship Assoc.,
• Whitetails unlimited
• WV Deputy sheriff’s Assoc.
• Gold Medal Winner of his High School Rifle Team
• National Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
• 4-H Shooting Sports Archery Instructor • National Archery School Program Instructor
• 3-D Archery and Bench Rifle Competitor • National Bowhunter Education Instructor
• Past State President of WV Police Combat Pistol League – 20 Yrs. Competitor + several years as Governor’s Top 20
• Recipient of Wildlife League of Ohio County’s Lifetime Achievement Award
• Twice Honored as Ohio County Deputy of the Year
• Nominated for the Carnegie Hall Medal following an on-duty incident Ohio County Sheriff’s Department
• Honored by Wheeling Civic Council w/ Resolution of Bravery following an incident causing him injury
• Master Bowhunter Award from WVBHA
• Bear and Moose Guide for Hunting Camps in Ontario, Canada
• Involved with NWTF Youth Hunts
• Worked for Chevron Energy Youth Trout Stocking Day at Bear Rock Lake
• Member of his Missionary Team through the Church 6 different countries over 10 years
• He has 42 Yrs. In Law Enforcement: Commissioned Deputy Sheriff assigned to Texas Governor John Connelly’s Office, Beaver County, TX at the 1968 World Fair,3 Yrs. With Wheeling Police Reserves with the rank of Captain, Deputy US Marshall assigned to ATF Drug Task Force undercover officer, Retired Major Crimes Detective OCSD, Currently 8-Yr. member of the Ohio County Homicide Cold Case Task Force.
• After 29 Yrs. with Ohio Co. Sheriff’s Department, upon retirement was Honored with a plaque from the US Postal Authority, the Governor’s Office & President George W. Bush.

Florence Croft
Florence has been serving with her husband since the beginning of the program. She is the heart and soul of the Ohio County Hunter Education Program. Though we see other husband and wife teams inducted into the WVHEHOF, one can only imagine what an honor it is for them to be recognized both individually and as a Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor team.
• Works also with her husband doing missionary work around the world
• Member Wheeling Mar-Win Church of the Nazarene with her family
• Balances not only her family’s life with the work of the church, but also balances her volunteering as a HE Instructor, but works closely with and backs-up her husband and their successes as Instructors on the WVHE Team

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Class of 2021 Inductees

Robert “Bob” White has been a volunteer Hunter Education instructor for nineteen years becoming certified in April of 2002. Bob is committed to the Hunter Ed  program and is the current team leader of Upshur County. Bob retired as an electrician/HVAC technician and left his birth state of Pennsylvania and moved to West Virginia. Bob has been a competitive pistol and trap shooter and still loves to  shoot clay birds. He can be found assisting and teaching new shooters on the trap range each year at the Hunter Education Rendezvous. He is also found volunteering each fall at the National Hunting and Fishing Days Celebration at Stonewall Jackson State Park. He is as good instructor on the range as he is in the classroom. Bob is still a hunter, but has been known to feed deer in his back yard; as he enjoys watching them even more that hunting them. He takes a lot of pride in instructing and watching his children and grandchildren continuing his legacy in the shooting sports; as they are very good trap shooters, especially his granddaughter. Bob is always recruiting new volunteer instructors and runs a very organized class. Bob recently secured a new location for the county’s HE classes at the Buchanan Police/Fire Department, a state-of-the-art facility. Bob is an Army Veteran and a member of the local chapter of the VFW. He is known traveling the county with HE class posters. He even solicits local businesses for prizes for the students that attend his classes. Because of this Upshur County is one of the top counties in District III when it comes to certifying new students. Bob is an asset to the volunteer instructor
program and was a two-time District Volunteer Instructor of the Year, (2012, 2018) and recognized as the State Volunteer Instructor of the Year in 2012.

• Drafted US Army SP4 Vietnam Era, 7-1-68 to 6-21-70
• Married 42 years w/ four children
• Life member Buchanan VFW
• Life member NRA
• Life member Buck Masters
• Member Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
• Certified NRA Range Safety Officer
• Taught HE classes in four countie

Robert "Bob" White

Roy A. Rizer 

Picture coming soon

Roy A. Rizer of Fort Ashby has been a Volunteer HE instructor for about 29 years and has about 2000 hours of instruction. He is steadfast in carrying out his duties as a hunter education instructor. Roy has worked with all of the volunteer instructors in eight counties in District II. Roy has been a mentor to other instructors in District II. He is looked up to by other instructors for his wisdom and experience. Roy has helped with the wounded Warrior Deer Hunt at Jennings Randolph Lake since 2009. He also assisted in implementing a Spring Turkey Hunt for the Wounded
Warriors, started in 2013. He has donated many hours building and maintaining food plots and hunting blinds for the project. Roy is a Division of Highways retiree and has served the citizens of Mineral County for many years. Roy and his wife are members of the Short Gap Baptist Church. He is also a veteran of the Short Gap Volunteer Fire Department, board of trustees. Roy is very active in the Cub Scouts  and Boy Scout program serving as a leader in the Fort Ashby and Wiley Ford  community for 25 years.

• Member High Ridge Hunting Club, Springfield, WV - 45years

• Board of Directors High Ridge Hunting Club - 35 years

Bob Gilligan

William Burl “Bill” Harrison of Weirton was nominated to the West Virginia Hunter Education Hall Of Fame for his exceptional dedication to the program. He was the founding member of the Hancock County Hunter Education Team. His positive attitude toward the Hunter Education Program was crucial to his community. He was the lead instructor since May of 1991. He was very
encouraging to new recruits and was also the lead instructor for Ohio County. He successfully recruited new instructors and helped retain current members for the program for years. He was able to transition the lead instructor over to Vance
Squires, training him on how to set-up classes and teach them. Bill was a figure at the Hancock Sportsman Club and the Chest/Newell Sportsman Club hosting firearm event s in different disciplines. Bill Harrison dedicated his
time and committed his life to promoting Safe Gun handling and Hunter Safety in West Virginia.

• 29 Years of Service teaching Hunter Education
• 54 Classes as Team Leader
• Served Virginia State Guard
• Lifetime Member Hancock County Sportsman Club• Supported IDPA Shoots
• Supported ISHMA Shoots
• Lifetime Member NRA
• Assisted NRA Basic pistol Classes
• Avid civil War Buff

Picture coming soon

Bob Gilligan of Wood County was an “Old School” Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor. He had a wat of always adjusting his teaching methods to fit his audience of students. He was very calm with his delivery of the topics and used short stories
relative to the lesson to get the point across. Bob taught for over twenty years in five counties, racking up over 1200 hours of instruction. He always encouraged new volunteers to do more and showed them how to be more effective instructors. He
taught classes at the Easter Muzzle-loading Long Rifle Association in Doddridge County, where hundreds of 17th Century re-enactors had their true era lodges set up covering hundreds of acres. He told one new instructor that was covering the
muzzle-loading section of instruction that he would, “Be Preaching to the Choir.” He went wherever he was needed in District VI either as a lead instructor or to help out when called upon by his RTO. He taught in five counties and able to cover
every aspect of the manual and more. Bob had other involvements with other organizations but he mostly loved teaching Hunter Safety; and added Hunter Education to other programs. He was a retired facilitator for District VI. Bob was one of the first instructors that Vernon Nosse met when he transferred to District VI as an RTO. He was one of the most active instructors in the district, teaching up to six classes a year. He was just as active during his tenure from the beginning to the end.

• Cub Scout Camp for many years
• Boy Scout Camp on Rt. 47
• Worked several NWTF/JAKES events
• Worked Church Camps
• Helped at the Muzzle-loading Camps in Ritchie County, for a week one time

William Burl "Bill" Harrison

Capt Warren " Ed " Goodson

Warren “Ed” Goodson was triple-nominated, (nominated by three nominators.) He was nominated for his education of and commitment to the West Virginia Hunter Education Program. He is the liaison between the WVDNR and the WVHEA; appointed as the WVHEA coordinator sometime in 2015. He was the Regional Training Officer, (RTO) for District V for several years, always working with all of his instructors, making sure they had the tools and materials to facilitate all of their classes.

Ed started his career with the WVDNR Law Enforcement in January of 2002, and has been teaching Hunter Ed classes for nearly 20 years. He has taught approximately 127 classes in 18 counties logging approximately over 1200 hours of instruction. He has worked closely with several other lead instructors cooperating with them to make classes run smoothly. He is the current State Hunter Education Training Coordinator, working with all six (6) District RTO’s and represents “Team Work” with his coordinating efforts while working with each county’s instructors. Also, He currently serves on the IHEA Board of Directors as representative for the State of West Virginia. Where in 2018 he was recognized by the International Hunter Education Association with the IHEA Service Award.

Other facets of his recruitment and education include:
. National hunting and Fishing Days - 18 years
. Wayne County JAKES Days - 9 years
. Senior Conservation Camp Staff - 10 years
. Wayne County Hunter Ed Live Fire – 7 years
. National / International Boys Scout Camp – 2 years
. Camp Arrowhead Hunter Ed and Range – 4 years
. VFW Camp Hunter Ed and Range Day – 4 years
. Eleanor Gun Club Youth Day – 15+ years
. WV State Sheriff Camp Range Day – 5 years